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When Scottrade talks about having a higher maintenance requirement, do they mean solely margin accounts? related questions

  • 1When Scottrade talks about having a higher maintenance requirement, do they mean solely margin accounts?

    Prices of some values ​​" can change quickly so I can see the runner to increase maintenance requirements in margin accounts because after all, have to cover their interest while you need enough capital to play . 'm Assuming that personal account holders cash only only have to worry about commission costs to make trades and you can practically ignore these messages , are not they ? Bonus question, is trading in the range generally a bad idea anyway ? I was an article on in 1929 margin requirements are only ~ 10 % at the time , however , when the market plummeted , the operations were sold to cover lost equity margin (plus interest ) and people I had all their wealth in the market lost everything . All auto -seller set a chain reaction in shares down and the next thing you know there's a depression .

  • 2Stocks Subject to a Higher Maintenance Requirement...what does this mean?

    Can someone explain something for me .... I have a Scottrade account , and I'm a bit of a novice in the trade . I saw this section on the Scottrade website that has a list of " stocks subject to a higher maintenance requirement ." It says : "Please note that there is a need for additional maintenance to the values ​​shown below . Negotiations of these values ​​must be placed with the new requirement of maintenance in mind. The maintenance margin requirements can change at any time without notice . " ... ... What does it all mean ? In fact , he owns one of the stocks of the listing , and it is said that there is an additional requirement of 15% for those who ... Thanks for your help !

  • 3Age requirement for trading on margin?

    Hi, I am 14 and I want to open a margin account so that I can begin shorting stocks.

  • 4How would the margin requirement be accounted by a commodity trading organization?

    If you are a trade commodity futures trading brokerage organization and has a margin requirement - what was recorded in the financial statements ? Is an expense in the income statement ?

  • 5What is the typical margin requirement for a S&P E Mini Futures Contract?

    What is the typical margin requirement of an S

  • 6What is the difference between cash accounts and margin accounts in Stock trading?

    Why do you want a deposit of Margin Accounts highier ?

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  • 8"Account margin equity falls below FINRA minimum maintenance requirements."?

    Can anyone help me with this .... I'm not trading on margin, but got a margin call today saying that was built yesterday for about $ 65 and is due today. Do I have to comply with that? I mean , I'm not classified as a pattern day trader . I do not want to call the runner because I have no funds when I started and I I lose my fee of $ 3 per trade since I'm no longer trading day. I mean I do not want to alert them. " Capital account falls below the minimum maintenance margin FINRA requirements. "

  • 9Scottrade question! 10 pts! margin account!?

    I am wanting to open an account with Scottrade . But if I open a margin account I will not have to wait three days for the money to clear . I hear it's better to get a margin account because there are fewer restrictions and you have 3 days waiting period . Could I have a margin account , but only use my money ? I do not buy on margin. I just want less restrictions . I just want to pay the commercial rate of $ 7 and nothing else.

  • 10Scottrade Margin Account Question?

    Well , I do not want to wait for the period of 3 days between operations when using a cash account , so I'm thinking of switching to a margin account . Is this free exchange ? Besides, I do not really think Scottrade borrow money , I just want to use my funds outstanding for trade. Does this mean you still have to pay the annual tax on my own, even if they have to "borrow " money ? Thank you !

  • 11What is the income requirement to trade stocks on margin with Tradeking? or similar trade service?

    Just wondering how much income it takes to operate at the margin with a broker TradeKing or similar. Apparently they have an income requirement .

  • 12I need some clarification on how a margin account would work with Scottrade.?

    If you are trading with shares that cost $ 5 + the margin requirement is 30 % with Scottrade . An example to help me understand this : If an individual has $ 500 cash in your margin account and another $ 500 marginal purchasing power , for a total of $ 1,000 worth of purchasing power. This person then spends $ 1,000 on 10 shares of XYZ for $ 100 each. From now on the individual still has a 50 % margin requirement , however , if the price of XYZ drops to $ 29 , which means the margin requirement now falls to 29 %. This is below the 30% margin requirement , Scottrade can now require that puts more money in the account or just sell some of their actions without your permission. In percentage terms, how it works ?