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QWhich of the following BEST describes the Cold War?

A. A war fought between enemies in cold climates

B. An economic warfare between continents
C. An ideological war fought without bullets
D. A rivalry European colonial possessions accumulate

What Asian leader is famous for advocating passive resistance to achieve the desired objectives ?
A. Mao Zedong
B. Ming Cho Ho
C. Chaing Kai -Shek
D. Mohandas Gandhi

3. One reason that North Korea has been the focus of world attention due to its
A. nuclear weapons program development
B. Commitment increase political freedoms
C. Developing a strong and growing economy
D. Efforts to revive communism in Eastern Europe

4. A major objective of the European Union ( European Economic Community ) in 1990
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Which of the following BEST describes the Cold War?

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